Adventure awaits...

We are excited to share with you our vision for a unique, purpose-built Primary School that expands the horizons of our Corio Campus.

Uniquely placed amidst expansive fields, native grasslands, forests, wetlands and coast, here our primary-aged learners will enjoy a special campus of connection – to each other, to nature, and to inquiry-based learning that ignites curiosity, creativity and imagination.

Reimagining Primary-aged Education

Our vision is of a unique learning place for young people, that embodies the GGS educational pillars of Adventure Education, Positive Education and Creative Education, through considered nature-based spaces and places.

Our 230-hectare Corio Campus provides the ideal natural environment to cultivate rich learning opportunities where key elements of the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) can be deeply embedded.

Here, our young learners can explore, reflect, discover, observe, climb, contribute, touch, smell, play, and thrive.

Establishing a new home of learning for our ELC and Primary aged children allows our community of parents, and students to be connected and encourages seamless transition into our Middle and Senior Years at GGS.

A nurturing and inspiring home of learning for ELC to Year 6 children

Our exceptional teaching staff have been involved throughout the design process to ingrain the ideal conditions for learning and teaching within a Primary and Early Learning context.

We have listened across multiple workshops and focus groups to ensure that at every point we are asking ‘how might the student experience be optimised?’

A natural environment for adventurous learning

More than 60 years ago our School introduced the concept of “Adventure Education” through the creation of Timbertop. We recognise the transformative power that learning through and with nature can bring and understand the lifelong – often life-changing – lessons that can be learned from this.

We are excited to bring Adventure Education to our younger learners and the entire Corio Campus student community so that the seeds of curiosity, persistence, creativity, risk-taking, and resilience can naturally be sown.

It is through an educational experience embedded in nature that we can also develop environmentally-minded citizens, who are aware of the profound interconnectedness of all things.

The variety of landscape spaces provides a rich setting for nature-based learning.

Site Location

Our innovative, landscape-based Primary school will sit to the northern aspect of the existing Corio Campus, adjacent to Cameron Close.

The campus is within close proximity to exceptional facilities such as the Handbury Centre for Wellbeing, including swimming pool and indoor courts, all-weather tennis/hockey courts and sporting ovals, The School of Performing Arts and Creative Education (SPACE) and historic buildings such as the Chapel of All Saints, Cloisters and Clocktower.

Our students will enjoy connection to the main campus but with their own unique identity and sense of place.


Our Considered Design

Three fundamental elements comprise the essential framework for our new learning and teaching site – delivering to the diverse needs of our entire community.

  • The Greenhouse

    Primary Campus Hub and Communal Spaces

    Anchoring the campus, the Greenhouse incorporates flexible spaces to meet diverse needs while delivering an activated campus heart.

  • The Field Stations

    The Field Stations

    Primary Learning Environments and Classrooms

    Field Stations (five in total) create diverse learning opportunities and support progression. Each are consolidated into learning communities and sympathetic to the diverse ecology surrounding them.

  • The Spaces Between

    Landscape and Supporting Learning Environments

    Weaving together each of the other elements, the landscape invites people to engage with their environments and connect with each other.

Project Timeline

  1. 2019

    • Reimagining Bostock workshops with staff
    • Engaged consultant team
  2. 2020

    • Design refinement
    • Exploration of Corio expansion
  3. 2021

    • Sustainability workshops
    • Parent focus groups
  4. 2022

    • Community consultation
    • Tender process
    • Stage 1* construction begins (Dec)
  5. 2023

    • Stage 1* construction complete (Dec)
  6. 2024

    • School opens

Frequently Asked Questions

Our aim is to commence construction of Stage 1 within the next six months, subject to final planning approvals, archaeological findings and tender process. Groundwork is anticipated to commence in September 2022, and Stage 1 construction is scheduled for completion by the end of 2023, ready for Term 1, 2024.

The current plans for Stage 1 encompass the construction of the Greenhouse building and not all the five field stations will be completed. Upon opening in 2024, this will allow for a single class from Prep to Year 5 and two classes for ELC. It is anticipated that the Year 6 students will be housed in the current Middle School precinct.

Stage 2 construction will see the completion of all field stations. Based on demand, Stage 2 will allow for two classes per Year Level from Prep to Year 6 and 4 classes for ELC.

Our initial vision for the Primary School is to have a single class for each year level from Prep to Year 6 and two classes for ELC.

In Stage 2, and in response to demand, we will have capacity to increase up to two classes per year level from Prep to Year 6, and up to four classes in ELC.

In ELC, there is a maximum of 20 students per class and a maximum of 22 students for Prep to Year 6.

The Primary School will be strategically placed to the northern aspect of the existing Corio Campus, close to Kow Flat and Chapel Oval. (Please refer to the campus map on this microsite). The site provides an optimal setting for Adventure Education and connects to the natural ecosystem of undulating fields, creek, ponds, meadows, native grasslands, coastal ridge and bay. The location has been designed to optimise the benefits of and to the Corio Campus, with detailed analysis of walking times to locations such as the Handbury Centre for Wellbeing, Music School and the School of Performing Arts and Creative Education (the SPACE). The site is adjacent to existing sporting grounds, however construction will cause minimal impact on the existing campus and facilities.

All children (ELC to Year 4) will relocate to the new Primary School location. Once this occurs, the Bostock House campus at 139 Noble Street, Newtown, will be listed for sale.

We are developing the ideal conditions for a future-focused education that fosters authentic inquiry, cultivates curiosity, provides hands-on learning for the development of life-long skills and competencies, and supports learning through play and with nature to promote resourcefulness and resilience in the face of challenges and change. We have consulted with our expert teachers through all stages of design and development to optimise contemporary learning experiences, engaged with nature.

A recent Queensland-based research project underlined the efficacy of play in natural settings as a highly effective way of embedding STEM — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in early childhood education.

Yes. For example, sharing the same campus as the Handbury Centre for Wellbeing, including swimming pool and indoor courts, all-weather tennis/hockey courts and sporting ovals, will provide our Primary School students with ample opportunity for on-campus sports and physical activities that would otherwise be conducted off-site. We are also mapping specialist music lessons and on-site incursions utilising facilities such as the SPACE.

We are currently exploring a new link/entry road that will directly connect to the School off School Road/Shell Parade. Ample car parking will be provided for parents for drop off and pick up.

The Greenhouse plans include a reception and café/kiosk, which will support community connection and consolidate administrative services.

The School currently operates multiple bus routes travelling to and from the Corio Campus every day. Part of the consultation process will involve a parent survey to understand the services, routes, and collection points that are required for transporting our current Bostock House students to Corio, whether via our existing bus network or via a dedicated, age-specific bus service.

Our aspiration is for the ELC to offer integrated kindergarten and long day programmes and for the Primary School to offer dynamic outside school hours care (OHSC) utilising the Corio Campus facilities. This will be explored further with our current Bostock House families through ongoing consultation via surveys and community forums.

Yes. Middle School will continue with enriched opportunities for our Year 7 and Year 8 students through access to these new facilities and increased engagement with nature and the environment of our Corio Campus, with a particular focus on the transition to Timbertop (Year 9). The dedicated Primary School will also enable a re-modelling and re-purposing of our existing Middle School that aligns with our Corio Campus Masterplan.

To be confirmed. We are exploring opportunities to extend the food catering to the new Primary School site.

Yes. As part of the community consultation process and through ongoing discussions with the Bostock family, we will be exploring how we can preserve the Bostock name in a meaningful way at our new location.

The Geelong Church of England Preparatory School was originally established in Aberdeen Street, Newtown, in 1924. It was renamed Bostock House in 1933 in honour of Thomas E Bostock (1863-1922), a Mayor of Geelong and member of the School Council who (very fittingly) played a vital role in the relocation of the School to Corio in 1914. Bostock House outgrew its Aberdeen Street site and moved to what would become Highton campus in 1962. Another restructure in 1997 saw the development of Middle School at Corio and the purchase of 139 Noble Street (which had previously been the site of St Andrew’s Private School from 1954-1994).

There are no plans to alter the existing Bostock House fee structure for ELC-Year 4.

The Primary School design invites our entire community to use the spaces throughout the day and across seasons – helping to bring a piece of Timbertop into their lives at Corio. During school hours it will be a primary school, but design elements such as running trails, rock climbing wall, food farm and shared study spaces will be utilised and/or shared by our entire Corio community outside of these core school hours. Having an all through school experience on a single site (ELC to Year 12) also brings new opportunities for leadership and peer support.

Yes. The School is committed to a flourishing future for our Toorak Campus and has spent the past 12 months researching and analysing various opportunities to add value to our Toorak-based primary school and to enliven the School’s Strategic Pillars of Adventure Education, Positive Education and Creative Education. We look forward to sharing our exciting plans for Toorak Campus in the coming months.

Initially, the project will be financed through the sale of assets/properties and a loan from the Geelong Grammar Foundation. A fundraising campaign to seek philanthropic support will also be developed in parallel with the Corio Campus Masterplan.

The building design incorporates optimal passive performance, creating highly sustainable baseline and therefore minimising energy inputs. A significant solar array will be incorporated, scaling up to 380kW and with opportunity for further increase. Rainwater harvesting will be utilised for toilet flushing, irrigation and wash down, minimising reliance on mains water for potable supply. Landscape strategies will comprehensively contribute to ecological restoration of the site.

The Primary School design can readily achieve net zero carbon operation and this aspect will continue to be refined during design development. Furthermore, the landscape setting provides an opportunity for carbon offsetting.

Yes. Our Corio Campus is located on Wadawurrung land. We acknowledge the Wadawurrung people of the Kulin nation as the traditional owners of this land, where we learn, teach and work. We acknowledge that Wadawurrung Ancestors nurtured and cared for this land for tens of thousands of years. We share the Wadawurrung Peoples’ ambition to see their unique cultural heritage protected and respected for the betterment of those living on and engaging with their land, waterways and coastal areas. The School has engaged with Murri:Yul, official Cultural Heritage Advisors under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 and Aboriginal Victoria. This engagement has included an archaeological investigation of the site and ongoing consultation with the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation (WTOAC), which is the Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP) for Wadawurrung country.

The site is not subject to bushfire overlay but all structures will be designed in accordance with Australian standard 3959 (for construction of buildings in bushfire-prone zones), including non-combustible materials, enclosed subfloor, fire resistant timbers and mown curtilage. Perimeter fencing to all watercourses is incorporated in the design, discretely embedded in the landscape. A combination of raised boardwalks and mown curtilages will provide visibility and mitigate risk of snakes. Flyscreens will be installed on each building, including the Greenhouse cloak. Planting selections will incorporate mosquito deterrent species. All structures are designed at minimum 300mm freeboard above the 1 in 100 flood level, in accordance with the Building Code of Australia.

Our students will continue to learn at Bostock House until we are ready to move in 2024. If there are unforeseen delays, we have the ability to continue at the Noble Street site for as long as required.

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